Our Mission


Established in 2017 We, Diya Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. are a Nepal-based Overseas Recruitment / Human Resource / Manpower Placement / Staffing Solutions Provider catering to overseas Clients. Diya was launched with a vision to serve the global demand of workforce from Nepal. Nepal has good resources of workforce that will help to fulfill the demand in the global market.

Our business is to find the right people for the right job for our Clients as to their demand in different categories in Hospitality Security, Sales and Retails, FMCG, Sales and Retails, Facility Management, Oil and Gas, IT and Telecom etc. We actively Search, Recruit and Screen candidates for employment, train them according to specific Client requirements and deploy them to their offshore locations.

More importantly, when searching for the best candidates, we take attitude, personality, aptitude and flexibility to learn and adopt into special consideration.



  • Right Candidates for right job.
  • Reasonable recruitment fee.
  • Management transparency
  • Arranging candidates for employment as per stipulated schedule of our clients.
  • Quick response and positive action towards settling disputes, if any, between the employers and the employee.


  • To supply skilled, semi-skilled as well as Non-skilled peoples abroad job.
  • To find the right candidate according to the requirement of the employer company.
  • To find the right job abroad suiting one’s capability.
  • To support national economy by increasing foreign remittance.
  • To extend good relationship with the recruiting company abroad by providing them Manpower as per their requirement.